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Liam Gallagher is a bassist and composer currently working as a composer at Crystallized Games in Toronto as the Audio Lead and a free lance bassist. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s B. Mus. degree, Liam studied bass with Andrew Downing and composition and arranging with Terry Promane. While he earns his keep primarily as a composer for video games, he has performed in nightclubs and recital halls from the Rex Hotel to the Living Arts Centre performing his compositions and arrangements in a variety of ensembles including EMS, Octorok, the University of Toronto’s 11 O’Clock Orchestra, and the Hart House Jazz Orchestra. Liam frequents the string sections of pit bands and concert bands alike.

The Composer:

Liam has composed extensively for video games and animation, as well as for large jazz band formats including the unique orchestration of EMS, the 12 piece jazz band Liam Gallagher co-leads with Marie Goudy.

Compositions of note:

The Airways Suite – Written for Kelly Jefferson and EMS, the Airways Suite is a three movement work that explores the physicality of sound. Premiered at Mel Lastman Square for the 2016 Toronto Undergrad Jazz Festival, this piece made use of the amphitheatre to wash the audience with big and wide voicings and harmonies that bleat in the open air.

Grofast Industries – A BRWarner Studios game, the score for Grofast Industries is an inward look into the heart of Jennifer, a union rep at a metal mill when there’s an on the job accident.


The Bassist:

As a performer some of Liam Gallagher’s most notable appearances have been in the clubs and cafes of Toronto. From the summer of 2013 Liam has lead the Liam Gallagher Trio, which has delivered a unique musical experience for its dedicated following. Through a process designed to make commissions accessible and affordable, the Liam Gallagher Trio has rendered dozens of original pieces and arrangements at it’s audience’s behest, including pieces like When Crytptids Meet, A Song of Boroughs (A Song of Scars), and At the Centre.

Beyond Toronto’s night life Liam has also delivered performances with classical and theatrical ensembles such at the Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra, the Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra, and the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Concert Band, as well as in pit bands for productions of Cabaret, Legally Blonde, Into the Woods, Dog Fight and more.

In between leading his own groups in clubs, and taking the stage in part with larger orchestral forces, Liam Gallagher is also a gigging musician in demand, providing atmosphere and entertainment for executive and community functions alike, helping to infuse the daily life of business and celebration with beautiful music. No event isn’t improved with music, and nowhere where Liam Gallagher plays are listeners not reached. As a musician, he is proud to render his music in order to make events more memorable, and a bolster the business’ of fellow citizen’s with art.


The Educator:

Owing an unrepayable debt to his own teacher, Liam Gallagher has taken up the mantle as teacher and mentor as often as possible for upcoming players, composers and amateurs alike. From private instruction to individuals to volunteer work with whole ensembles Liam Gallagher has committed him self to the philosophy that everyone can enjoy music, that no time invested  music is wasted, and that music is so wonderfully diverse that there’s room for every voice, every skill set and every background.

Currently accepting students, Liam Gallagher has extensive experience teaching upright bass and electric bass guitar, jazz and classical music theory, jazz and music history, as well as improv and musicality.As an educator he has successfully supported students through various examinations, such as those held by the RCM.

The Student:

Liam Gallagher has studied under, Andrew Downing, Mike Murley, Gary Williamson, Chase Sanborn, Dave Neill, Pete Johnston, Ali Burkock, Max Kasper, Mark Laver, Lynn Tucker, Jerome Blais, and more many more.