It's You: A Break Up Story

It's You: A Break Up Story is the new game from BRWarner Studio's Brook Jensen, creator of Grofast Industries and In a Flash. Liam Gallagher will be composing and performing the soundtrack for the game, as well as producing the voice acting by Jacob Burgess. Contribute to the Kickstarter to help make the game possible!



Composing, arranging, orchestration, bassing, band leading, recording, producing. Jazz, classical, electronic, funk.

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Sound, Music, VO, and Game Design.

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Learn about music and making music; learn about games and making games. 2-Bit Game Club and People of Note, among other things.

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Music for Live Bands or Computers

Being a composer, performer, and recording engineer forms a nifty little triangle of self-sufficiency but working with other creative people is where things really come to life. From working with video game studios on scores and SFX, to working with live bands on stage, it's all part of my art form.

If you're looking to hire a composer, a band leader, or a bassist for your next project you've come to the right place. If you're a listener and you want to hear some music that was made by someone who meant it, you're in the right place too.


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